Mr & Mrs Smith

With an endless amount of unbelievable places in the world to explore, it can be nearly impossible to narrow down the search for your next holiday destination. Though Mr. & Mrs. Smith‘s abundant collection of impeccably curated hotels doesn’t make the decision-making process that much easier, they are without a doubt our most relied source when it comes to finding the most unique, stylish, and beautiful accommodations. Whether it be a 300-year-old maharaja’s mansion in India, a former military fort hidden in the cliffs of Mallorca, or a bohemian retreat in the heart of urban Los Angeles, there is something for everyone. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Below is a small selection of my favorites . . . where are you inspired to explore next?

Capri Taberio Palace, Capri, Italy


Asta Masiulyte

Creativity runs in textile and fashion designer Asta Masiulyte‘s blood. At an early age she watched her grandmother use the loom to make traditional Lithuanian quilts and observed her mother work at a knitting machine. Asta’s Touch is a series of scarves, inspired by how dye spreads out onto silk. Each scarf is made of natural silk and hand-painted with hand rolled hems. They are wearable art indeed . . .


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