Antelope Canyon

It’s hard to believe that a place this glorious and majestic exists . . . and that I have yet to visit it. Antelope Canyon, located in Arizona, was formed by centuries of erosion due to rainfall and flash flooding. The result is a series of deep, narrow passageways surrounded by smooth, wave-like Navajo sandstone walls. Have you been lucky enough to have experienced the splendor of Antelope Canyon in person?


MiH’s Portobello Road

Inspired by the stylish girls of London’s Portobello MarketMiH Jeans has captured the essence one of the world’s most notable antique fairs in their summer collection. Though the market has been around since the 18th century, it wasn’t until the mid 60s when trendsetters in London started mixing their high end clothes with vintage pieces and accessories found at Portobello Road. Head over to MiH’s Facebook page to enter to win a head-to-toe look from collection!

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