DIY Studded Sneakers

Studding sneakers has been on our DIY to-do list for awhile now. But the idea of hand piercing hundreds of holes through thick canvas was daunting enough to allow such procrastination. Enter E6000, the crème de la crème of adhesives. As you probably know by now, it’s our secret weapon for quickly and effectively attaching metal to fabric. So after the recent release of Vans‘ brushed twill pastel Authentics, we thought it was the perfect summer shoe to adorn. So grab some glue and let’s get studding! And don’t forget to enter our giveaway, after the jump, for a chance to win a pair of our favorite kicks . . .

You’ll need:


Inés Figaredo

Earlier this year, while in New York, Erica and I had the pleasure of running into the mastermind behind these unique and eccentric handbags. Inés Figaredo, a former lawyer turned designer, aims to explore bags as an art form. And man, is she on point! Each piece is conceptualized using nature and the imagination as inspiration and they are then handmade in Spain with the finest leather and materials such as 18k gold plated fittings. Check out the video below and follow along as Inés’ Big Girl Face Bag is being made.

(Inés Figaredo handbags $1,667-$3,333)

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