Oh, So Happy

Custom family crests . . . makes for an amazing wedding gift, right? After spending two weeks of getting to know you and your partner, artist Happy Menocal designs a custom heraldry that reflects both personalities. So, Erica and Abrahm, I know I am very late but Happy will be getting to know you both very soon. I love you guys!!

And One

Today we’re celebrating the one year anniversary of Honestly…WTF! We’re thankful for that day in May when Lauren and I decided to start a “blog” just for kicks. It has surpassed our expectations in so many ways and we are beyond grateful for your support. Honestly, we’d give each of you a bear hug if we could. Here’s to many more inspirational WTFs! xx, E & L

(DIY Moccasins by Honestly…WTF)

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