FNO With Vince Camuto

What’s synonymous with über chic, incredibly comfortable and surprisingly affordable footwear? Why, Vince Camuto of course. We are thrilled to be celebrating Fashion’s Night Out with the eponymous brand in New York City next Thursday, September 6th. Join us while we DIY custom printed tote bags and share with you the irresistible must-haves from the fall collection. And stick around while we raffle off our favorite shoes and handbags to a few lucky shoppers! Hope to see you there!!

(Winchell Boot $195, Square Shoulder Bag $225; Verona Pump $118; images by HonestlyWTF)

Pokémon Cameo

Though my knowledge of video games and Japanese anime is practically nonexistent, I find myself endlessly amused by Pokémon & Fashion – an online destination where adorable Pokémon characters and highbrow fashion editorials and campaigns magically collide. Lighthearted and clever, it’s a refreshing reminder that fashion shouldn’t always be taken so seriously.


DIY Woven Chain Collar Necklace

Earlier this month Lauren and I escaped city life with our dear friend Grace, of The Stripe, for a weekend chock-full of sun and DIY. With an abundant supply of rhinestone and brass curb chain, we decided to try weaving the components together to make our own collar necklaces. It was fun to see how wonderfully different the pieces turned out  – each so fabulous in their own unique way! Honestly, isn’t that the best part about DIYing with friends?

You’ll need:


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