Bentley x AFW

The snow had already started to melt in Colorado when I and members of the Bentley team arrived for Aspen Fashion Week several weeks ago. The unusually warm weather, however, didn’t stop the action packed trip, where I got to drive a Bentley for the first time (did you know it takes over 70 hours to hand stitch the steering wheel alone?), go snowmobiling through a forest of aspen trees (pinch me), see covetable outerwear collections (snowbunny!), snowboard on one of the most stunning mountains (breathtaking), and witness a base jumper leap from a plane (WTF).  And just because I fell madly in love with a magenta Continental GTC doesn’t mean I didn’t truly feel like one of the boys for the weekend . . .


Ebbs & Flows

I’m in absolute awe of San Francisco based artist Tobias Tovera‘s richly saturated paintings. The calming hues, fluid movements and visable energies in his pieces are reminiscent of elements in nature like wood, ocean waves and clouds. Take a moment and get lost in them with me, won’t you?


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