Alice Cicolini

Inspired by the sacred architecture and patterns found along the Silk Road, spanning from Northern China to Turkey, Alice Cicolini incorporates the ancient shapes, rich colors, and traditional motifs into her jewelry collection. Her use of rare and nearly extinct techniques, like Kundan and Meenakari, employed by skilled artisans is a large part of her allure and success. Meenakari, for example, is an antiquated method of carving an intricate design into either gold or silver and then filling it with enamel. Alice Cicolini’s jewelry is truly a magical combination of artistry and craftsmanship at the highest level.

(top to bottom: Silver and Pink Quartz ring $1,900, 22ct Gold & Peridot Kimono ring $5,110, 24ct Gold Lemon-Quartz ring $1,770)


Asos‘ spring lookbook has sprung and we’re jonesing to channel it’s surf-inspired vibe. The collection of sporty neoprene rompers, palm tree printed dresses, pastel jumpers, oversized sweatshirts, and round framed sunnies is totally tubular . . . dude.


DIY Elbow Patch

While perusing Pinterest one evening, I came across an intriguing tutorial on the wonderful art of needle felting. I had to learn more – especially after realizing it entailed repeatedly stabbing a needle up and down into a piece of fabric or sweater. A satisfying stress reliever that results in something wearable? Sign me up. And now that I can officially call myself a needle felting maven (and nerd), trust me when I say that you’re going to have a blast with this technique. So grab your supplies and let’s get started on a pair of heart shaped elbow patches!

You’ll need:


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