We were recently asked to curate a selection of our favorite accessories from Boticca. Accessory obsessed, of course we replied with a resounding YES! The only challenge was having to pick just a handful from hundreds of fabulous and unique accessories!!

(more details about our picks here)

Mary Button Durell

Several months ago, we visited the studio of our friend Mary Button Durell. Mary, a San Francisco based artist, creates translucent and abstract sculptures using only a single material which is handmade by layering sheets of tracing paper and wheat paste. Her delicate and complex sculptures are reminiscent of cocoons, bee hives, and underwater organisms. Honestly mind blowing and inspiring. Thank you for the day of fun, Mary Button!


Madewell Denim DIY

We’re honestly crushing on these DIY denim accessories courtesy of Madewell. Hold onto all that denim scrap when making your summer cut offs because you can always reuse the material to make yourself a neck bow, a pocket square, a pair of suspenders or a belt! Click herehere and here for the how-tos.

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