Louise Tidd

While living in Spain, I was once told by a beautiful Spanish gypsy that a woman’s body was meant to dance. She swore that 10 minutes of dancing a day would wipe away any sadness. Her words of wisdom have resonated with me until this day and I can’t help but think of her when I see these beautiful and joyous paintings by Louise Tidd.

C Is For Catbird

Recently, the ladies at Catbird were kind enough to send Lauren and I each a set of gold and silver alphabet rings. WTF, we’re in ♥ and never taking them off. Delicate, light, and oh so sweet, these rings are perfect and ideal for stacking. However, we must warn you that their beautifully curated selection of jewelry will tempt you into a deep yet delightful hole of needs and wants. I couldn’t resist purchasing one of their gorgeous rose gold knuckle rings and honestly, I can’t wait to get more . . . because I need. And want.

(all images by HonestlyWTF; Catbird Alphabet Rings $52-$88, Catbird Rose Gold Heart Ring $88, Catbird Rose Gold Knuckle Ring $58)

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