DIY Pom Pom Beanie

Brrrrrr, it’s chilly outside. It’s time to sort through your collection of winter hats, ear muffs, and knit headbands for some necessary protection for that noggin! But before you toss out your favorite slouchy beanie from seasons past, why not revamp it by stitching on a large, furry* pom pom?

* I appreciate the very valid concern about animal cruelty and I hope we all share the same compassion for animals. I would never knowingly point readers to fur that was produced under the conditions mentioned by a couple of commenters. I have changed the link so that it points to faux fur in the hopes that anybody who decides to do this DIY chooses that alternative.

You’ll need:


Chain Chain Chain

‘Tis the season for wool sweaters, personalized pendants, and layers and layers of chain necklaces . . .

(top image: J.Crew Heart Me Sweater $88, Bauble Bar Nameplate Necklace $88, DIY gemstone necklace, Talon NYC Amulette $250, ArikaC Heart Locket $880, Jennifer Fisher Pierced Ring $250; bottom image: J.Crew Tippi Sweater $69.50 Accessorize Giraffe Necklace $10, Bauble Bar Monogram Necklace $105, DIY charm necklace, The 2 Bandits Naja Pendant $98)

Hudson Bay Point Blankets

Green, red, yellow and indigo are the four colored stripes we associate with these iconic Hudson Bay point blankets.  But did you ever wonder about their origin?  These blankets were traded to First Nations and Native Americans living in what is now Canada as far back as 1779, often in exchange for things like beaver pelts, buffalo robes, and moccasins.  To prevent having to unfold or measure the blankets, a clever point system was created by stitching in small indigo lines to denote their size and weight. A century later these point blankets were used by French Canadian voyageurs to make hooded coats called capotes. Doesn’t that make you want one even more? I, for one, desperately need that canoe in my life! WTF.


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