Masters of Leather

Erica and I are suckers for glimpses into how things are made. Especially when it involves something as esteemed as the heritage behind Loewe. It’s really special to see how the accumulated wisdom, of over 165 years, guides each pair of hands in the Loewe atelier as they hand make some of the finest bags.

(top image via BryanBoyLoewe Amazona Bag $1,848)

14th & Paradise

Even the smallest bit of outdoor space can be one of the most covetable features of any Manhattan apartment. So how about over 1,600 square feet of lush, private outdoor space!? Well, that’s just preposterous . . . and the bee’s knees. This penthouse loft in Chelsea features one of the most spectacular rooftop terraces I’ve ever seen. And for a mere $4.5 million dollars, it could be ours.


Money Pieces

How cool are these sculptures constructed from international bills? Canadian artist Kristi Malakoff skillfully folds, cuts, and pastes paper money from all over the world to create three-dimensional polygons. I’m envious of her talent and would just kill to have an oversized version for my bookshelf!

(via MyModernMet)

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