Givenchy Resort 2012

Digitally altered and mirrored Hawaiian prints make up Riccardo Tisci’s newest collection for Givenchy. Now, this is what I call a resort collection! Each ensemble immediately transports me to a warm and tropical place, which I am craving thanks to the June gloom we’re experiencing in LA right now. And isn’t purple and orange just the best color combination?


Abelardo Morell

Cuban artist Abelardo Morell is known for his life size photographs projected onto the walls of rooms all over the world using the most unique technique: a century old photography principal called camera obscura. He blacks out the windows of the rooms in order to achieve total darkness. Then, he cuts a small hole in the material he uses to cover the windows, allowing an inverted image of the view outside to flood onto the walls of the room. Finally, he takes a photograph of the image on the wall with a large-format camera and exposing the film as long as 10 hours. Honestly, genius!! Thanks for the tip, Karen!


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