Underwater Flight

Multidisciplinary artist Sayuri Sasaki Hemann is inspired by the way light refects her medium, which in this case is light and airy organza. This ethereal jellyfish aquarium, titled Underwater Flight, is displayed at Portland International Airport. Sayuri likes to find displaced items in unusual spaces and has been placing these urban aquariums all over Portland since 2009.


Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2013

In honor of her very own fairy tale, Diane von Furstenberg‘s spring collection was fabricated with the polish of a princess and the heart of a gypsy. Seeing the stunning details in person last week transported me to all the exotic destinations that the collection was inspired by. And for those of you that might have missed her show in New York last month, you’ll have to check out the video below where Diane and several models captured the whole experience through Google’s new Glass technology. ” We live in such an amazing world. Things that we thought would be science fiction now exist. But fashion, technology, its all about life and being the women you want to be.”


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