DIY Anklet

These days we’re all for reincorporating the anklet back into our accessory repertoire. Made with thin chain and tiny charms, delicate anklets are the perfect summer trinket for those beachy bare feet or barely there sandals. This week’s DIY requires only two pairs of pliers and a handful of accessible supplies – which can then be used to make bracelets and necklaces, too!

You’ll need:


Whether you’re an avid art collecter or simply art impaired, there is no denying that art plays a key role in creating the look, feel, and atmosphere of any room. The problem, for some, is being intimidated by the abounding choices and the presumption of high price tags. And even though we consider ourselves lovers of art, we’re definitely no exception when it comes to being challenged by picking the “right piece.” Enter A few weeks ago we were invited to’s 25 Summit, where we were able to see the launch of their new, easy-to-navigate online experience. With the ability to narrow down searches by period, color, artist and/or subject, as well as being able to choose from a selection of handcrafted custom frames, we dare you to not get sucked into the process of customizing you’re own wall-ready art. Accessible, affordable, and inspiring, we’re literally hung up on!


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