And One

Today we’re celebrating the one year anniversary of Honestly…WTF! We’re thankful for that day in May when Lauren and I decided to start a “blog” just for kicks. It has surpassed our expectations in so many ways and we are beyond grateful for your support. Honestly, we’d give each of you a bear hug if we could. Here’s to many more inspirational WTFs! xx, E & L

(DIY Moccasins by Honestly…WTF)


Do you remember that commercial that aired a few years ago involving hundreds of thousands of colorful bouncy balls wildly bouncing down the steep streets of San Francisco? Not only was it balls to the wall amazing, it was 110% real! And honestly, who doesn’t love bouncy balls? Danish photographer Peter Funch was there to capture the impressive spectacle and thanks to my new favorite online art store, Lumas, the limited edition prints are available for sale.


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