Zimmermann Swim 2012/13

Just as we’re starting to appreciate the recent drop in temperature, Zimmermann‘s latest swimwear collection has us actually wishing for another California heat wave. In addition to their signature floral patterns, this season’s offerings include pretty paisleys and alluring animal prints in stunning silhouettes. That’s right, bring on those triple digits . . . or maybe just a trip to the Southern Hemisphere.


DIY Sequined Sweater

I must admit when Grace, of The Stripe, suggested that we each try making our own Markus Lupfer-inspired sequined sweater, I was uncertain. Attempting to attach tons of tiny sequins onto a sweater seemed difficult and downright messy. But I’m known to never turn down a DIY challenge and after the first successful attempt, I’m happy to report that this tutorial isn’t nearly as difficult as it seems. Because I chose a design that covered a lot of surface area, using sequin trim was a huge time saver. Thank you, Grace, for motivating me to just go for it!

You’ll need:


Freda Salvador

This fall marks the eagerly awaited debut of Frēda Salvador‘s collection of two-toned booties and interchangeable oxford-loafer flats. Designed in Sausalito by friends Megan Papay and Cristina Palomo, the shoes are made with most supple nappa leather and printed pony hair in Christina’s native El Salvador. I recently scored a pair of the Snow Leopard Booties and there is no doubt they’ll be the first of many from the talented duo!


Levi’s Made & Crafted Fall 2012

Levi’s, you really stole my heart with your fall palette of golden yellow, fire engine red, and mazarine blue. Any of these gorgeous knit pieces from their current Made & Crafted collection are just begging to be worn outdoors this season – whether it be on a camping trip or an early evening stroll by the beach. I, for one, am obsessed with the cream sweater coat with the knit banana pin!


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