DIY Luv Aj Handpiece

When the lovely Amanda Thomas of Luv Aj offered to show us how to DIY her signature handpiece, we were ecstatic! Not only are we huge fans of her jewelry, we’ve been dying to adorn ourselves with this ring and bracelet combination. Thank you for the awesome tutorial, Amanda! xx

This season, the best seller in the entire collection was the Polished Pyrite Handpiece. It’s simple, a tad bit edgy, and something you can actually wear all day everyday. Add some bracelets on your wrist, throw on a couple rings, and this little handpiece seems to work in every single scenario. If you DIY, or even if you don’t, it may seem too advanced to make but after my tutorial, you’ll see that it’s really not!

You’ll need:


Silly Rabbit

Remember Florentijn Hofman‘s Fat Monkey sculpture made of 10,000 flip flops? Well, the Rotterdam-based artist is at it again with his newest large-scale sculpture: an adorable, 13 meter high yellow rabbit in Örebro, Sweden. Constructed out of locally-manufactured shingles, the temporary sculpture was built for the OpenArt biennale and meant to challenge people’s perceptions towards public space.

Work In Progress

The ever so essential inspiration board is the perfect canvas for collecting images that reflect changing moods, ideas that spark new ideas, and precious mementos that inspire. Somewhere among this collection of organized chaos, you’ll find my own inspiration board, which is desperately needing more space . . . at the moment.


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