Gift Guide 2011: For The Dudes

A few gift ideas for the men in your life . . . most of which we wouldn’t mind borrowing for ourselves, like his Ursa Major shaving cream, Persol sunnies, vintage Levi’s wool cardigan, and traveling shot glasses. Ok, and maybe that gorgeous backgammon set too.

(clockwise from top left: Good Heavens neckties$33, Gully handplane $70, Ursa Major Stellar Shave Cream $22, Levi’s Wool Cardigan$140, Nixon Microblaster Earphone $100, Orvis traveling shot glasses $39, Bulldog Bottle Opener $15, Todd McLellan “Old Photo” Print $50, London Undercover Umbrella $175, Alexandra Llewellyn pheasant backgammon board $2790, Saddleback leather briefcase $555, Persol Sunglasses $220)

Santa Fe, NM

Note to self: 5 days is not nearly enough time to explore Santa Fe for the first time. The downtown area alone is bursting at the seams with wonderful galleries, charming boutiques, and fantastic museums. Here are just a few highlights from my trip via the ever so addicting Instagram. By the way, Lauren has finally joined Instagram too so be sure to follow her here!

Intimacy Under The Wires

When I lived in Spain, I used to love doing laundry for the sole reason of getting to hang my clothes out to dry. Although it took awhile to get used to how differently clothes felt after being air dried, there was something undeniably romantic about it. This project named Intimacy under the Wires first started in Tel Aviv’s Jaffa neighborhood and has since been an ongoing project bringing Israeli photographer Sivan Askayo to Madrid, Barcelona, London, Florence, Venice, and Buenos Aires. I absolutely adore how these images capture the fluidity and movement of the clothes in the wind.


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