Pom Pom Factory

You can’t go wrong with a company called the Pom Pom Factory. Karen Hsu’s ‘factory’ churns out beautiful pom poms, made from 100% bio-degradable and recycled tissue paper. Whether it be for weddings, store windows, editorials or parties, the Pom Pom factory is available for in-person installations . . . or you can always purchase them flat with instructions on how to do it yourself.


Disco Fever

You know it was a proper celebration when you wake up in the morning to find disco balls on the floor . . . melted and partied out. Cheers to a festive 2012 sendoff tomorrow night!


Surface View

UK based Surface View digitally re-masters paintings and photographs, from the Natural History Museum and The National Gallery, into mega-sized murals, wall stickers, ceramic tiles and blinds. Im inspired to get one for my own house – can you imagine having a large scale, 19th century JJ Audubon bird mural applied across an entire bathroom wall?! Pretty sick.


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