I was so excited to have spotted these chairs by Bokja on Table Tonic this morning – but WTF, how can anybody not notice them? These exuberant pieces of furniture are the fruits of Beirut-based Hoda Baroudi and Maria Hibriall‘s labor. Working alongside artisans, the design duo reupholsters furniture using vintage Middle Eastern and Central Asian textiles. Gemma of Line Shape Color recently visited their store in Beruit and shot some amazing photos seen below. Each of their many extraordinary chairs would be a fantastic addition to any home, wouldn’t you agree? Hopefully, one day, one of those homes is mine.


Skater Shades

In the pursuit of devising imaginative ways to craft sunglasses from sustainable wood, the brains behind Shwood have turned to broken skate decks in their newest experiment. Check out how they made these one-of-a-kind sunnies in their Portland workshop. So fresh!


We were recently asked to curate a selection of our favorite accessories from Boticca. Accessory obsessed, of course we replied with a resounding YES! The only challenge was having to pick just a handful from hundreds of fabulous and unique accessories!!

(more details about our picks here)

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