Windows Of New York

Some of my favorite New York moments happen after getting lost in the city and stumbling upon an arbitrary street lined with beautiful architecture. Suddenly, my pace slows and I’m left imagining what lies behind the variety of striking doors and charming windows. Graphic designer José Guizar captures Manhattan’s allure in his project Windows of New York, where he illustrates a new window in a different neighborhood each week. Do any of these windows look familiar to you New Yorkers?


Pixie Land

I can only imagine how liberating it must feel to take the leap towards the ever so sophisticated pixie cut, made popular by 60s icons Twiggy, Jean, and Mia. Unfussy and easy to manage, the face-transforming do certainly isn’t for everyone. But honestly, what’s the worse that can happen? When all is said and done, hair does grow out. So would you ever be brave enough to go for the full chop?


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