Opposites Attract

Free People‘s latest video catalog is all about the relation of opposites with light and dark – masculine and feminine. Karlie Kloss tells a moody, dark story while Aline Weber is more romantic and full of light. Whichever girl speaks to you the most, the transition into fall is all about layering sweater coats, plaid button downs, and light-weight jackets.


Lisa Kellner

It’s mind blowing to see what artist Lisa Kellner is able to do with silk organza, thread, and various pigments. Her immense sculptures take the shape of varicolored cell structures and organ-like forms . . . and look almost as if they are floating weightlessly in fluid or underwater. Honestly, WTF!



Several weeks ago I fulfilled a lifelong dream of visiting Alaska. I walked through a forest and enjoyed the new growth of ferns, hiked to Exit Glacier, attended one of the most beautiful weddings, ate freshly caught salmon, and enjoyed many hours in a car driving up and down Highway 1. I loved the majestic mountains, glaciers, wildlife, fields of wild dandelions, water skiing, fishing, clean fresh air, and 19 hours of sunlight so much so that I plan on going back every summer. As I overheard someone summing it up perfectly: “if this isn’t heaven we are half way there.”


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