WGACA S/S 2012

Gerard Maione, the Creative Director of What Goes Around Comes Around, had Lauren Hutton in mind when designing for his and Seth Weisser’s spring collection. Her bold sophistication and effortless modesty inspired the globetrotting collection. The presentation started with a trip to Buenos Aires with bright red dresses and jade skirts. Then it was off to Africa with stunning caftans, turbans and silk trousers; and finally to The Gold Coast of Long Island with retro swimwear and beautiful Victorian lace blouses. 110% fabulous.


FNO @ Madewell

Thank you to all of you that come out to our denim themed FNO event at Madewell last night! For those of you that missed it, we DIYed menswear-inspired accessories made from Madewell denim, such as bow ties, neckties, and ascots. It was inspiring to see everyone express their inner craft prowess and go off on their own creative directions with DIYing cuff bracelets and mini handbags made from denim scrap! What an amazing night it was . . . and a huge thank you to Grace of Stripes & Sequins for helping us out!! xx


FNO @ Free People & Kanon Vodka

What a fabulous FNO event we had last night at Free People, DIYing our ever so popular wrap bracelet. Thank you to everyone who came out – it was a blast getting crafty with our East coast readers and getting to finally meet our friends at Free People (I especially loved meeting my new favorite little blogger Georgetta who was sporting Wee People, of course). And thanks to Kanon Vodka whose delicious cocktails, mixed with Vita Coco and Prometheus Springs, were flowing like water all night long. Read more about it here.


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