DIY Stitched Hat

If I had a nickel for every time my mom has warned “the sun is not your friend,” I could retire tomorrow. Honestly. Instead, my closet is full of sun hats, fedoras, cowboy hats, visors, and various other sun shielding apparati. While it may not suffice as an alternative to sunscreen, kudos to Lola Ehrlich for transforming a simple straw hat into a chic stitched fedora and inspiring us to add a little pizzaz to one of our many hats!

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Acido Dorado

Just footsteps from Joshua Tree National Park are Acido Dorado and Rosa Muerta, two vacation rental homes built by architect Robert Stone. 78% of the gold-dipped Acido Dorado can be opened entirely to the outdoors, bringing the desert indoors. With sliding doors and mirrored walls and ceilings throughout, it’s appearance changes as day progresses to evening. How would you like to spend a weekend in this 3 bedroom, über modern desert oasis?


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