Zoo Book

Cats painted in vintage wares, a shiba inu photographed in menswear, and creatures illustrated in dapper garb . . . clearly, we love portraits of animals in clothing over here at HWTF. And now, we’ve fallen for Yago Partal’s Zoo Book. The rhinoceros is so bad ass in his bomber jacket and the koala is just too adorable in his Hawaiian shirt! Which animal is your favorite?



Beauty may be her hertiage, but Aerin Lauder‘s true passion lies in home decor. Not only does she have a dreamy Aspen chalet and a glamourous Manhattan office to back it all up, Aerin recently launched her own lifestyle brand to include a collection of gilded home objets and accessories. And I’m buying into all it’s urbane glory. I mean, who doesn’t need a solid brass match striker?! Honestly.


Forgotten Places

As German photographer Sven Fennema captures dilapidated castles, abandoned palaces and decayed churches, I can’t help but wonder how these once impressive buildings have come to be forgotten. Whatever fate lies ahead for these spaces, it’s nice to see that their beauty will forever be restored through Sven’s photographs.


DIY Shoe Clips

Collecting vintage costume jewelry is a weakness of mine. By looking at my collection of vintage rhinestone ear clips, however, you would never guess that my ears actually don’t take well to clip ons. Naturally, my justification for hoarding these unnecessary gems is the ability to transform them into more befitting accessories . . . like shoe clips! They are the perfect way to transform a pair of simple flats or pumps. If the ear clip hinges are strong enough, they can simply clamp on the shoes as they are. And if they aren’t, I’ll show you a super easy method for turning them into a sturdy pair of shoe clips.

You’ll need:


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