The Little Black Jacket

The definition of ageless versatility is a black tweed jacket worn over 100 different ways on over 100 distinctly different personalities. Lensed by Karl Lagerfeld himself, and styled by Carine Roitfeld, The Little Black Jacket has his favorite muses wearing the label’s iconic jacket. I’m kicking myself for not visiting the exhibition while it was in Moscow last week and so to make it up to myself, the book is already on order.


LUBLU by Kira Plastinina Spring 2013

Lauren and I just returned from Moscow Fashion Week, where we attended Kira Plastinina‘s spring showing for Lublu. Inspired by travels to South America, bold colors, striking motifs, and beaded details were incorporated into youthful yet sophisticated silhouettes. Fabric wrapped bangles, patterned backpacks, and floral headpieces added the perfect finishing touches and honestly had us itching to take them all back home with us. Stay tuned next week as we’ll share the rest of our unforgettable trip to Kira‘s hometown of Moscow!


Snail Troopers

In collaboration with the Duomo and Opera d’Arte in Milan, international art collective Cracking Art Group created and placed 50 blue snail sculptures on the cathedral’s roof to call attention to much-needed repairs and restoration. The snails, a motif commonly used by the group, are made from recycled plastic and allude to the gradual deterioration of the architecture. What an incredibly fun and creative endeavor!


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