Guest Post: Matilde

by MISS MOSS (Part 4 of our Miss Moss Guest Series)

I am absolutely obsessed with Jeana Sohn’s ongoing project Closet Visit – where she visits creative, inspiring and stylish ladies’ closets. Jeana and film director Claire Cottrell took Closet Visit to the next level with their first film collaboration, and have just recently released their second film entitled Matilde – featuring an enviable wardrobe from Sophie Assa and those covetable Karen Walker sunglasses.


Soul Bird

Sanna Annukka is a half Finnish, half English illustrator and print maker who finds inspiration from nature, childhood memories, and her love of storytelling and folklore. Her handcrafted wooden Soul Bird has a lovely Finnish tale to go along with it, which makes it the perfect gift!

“In Karelia there was an ancient belief in the Sielulintu or Soul bird. The Sielulintu was thought to deliver the soul to newborn babies and also to transport the soul to the afterlife at the moment of death. It was believed the Sielulintu protected a persons soul at it’s most vulnerable; when dreaming, and it was tradition to keep a carved wooden bird by the bedside to keep the soul safe during sleep.”

 (Soul Bird, $185)


I’ve just spent the last five days in Istanbul where I marveled at the architectural wonder that is the Hagia Sophia, was humbled by the beauty of The Blue Mosque, haggled for jewelry and Iznik ceramics at The Grand Bazaar, had my fortune read from the grounds leftover from my Turkish coffee, shopped for exotic spices and sweets at The Spice Bazaar, sipped cocktails on the Bosphorus, ordered tea 100 times a day, absorbed thousands of years of rich history, and officially fell in love with one of my new favorite cities in the entire world. Now I’m heading south to the Turkish Turquoise Coast along the Mediterranean Sea!


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