DIY Surprise Balls

I’ll never forget the first time I unraveled my first surprise ball. My smile only got bigger and bigger as a glorious pile of brightly colored paper started to form after more and more wonderfully trivial prizes were revealed. By the end, I was left wanting more. So obviously, I had to figure out how to make my own so that I could share the same joy with my friends. Hope you enjoy making these as much as I did!

You’ll need:


Office Space: Shopping

One of the best parts about revamping a new space?! Shopping, of course . . . because let’s be honest, it’s what we do best. So after an essential trip to my local Lowe’s for paint, hardware and tools, I was excited to discover some nice storage bins, baskets as well as textured wallpaper to experiment with. It’s always so fun to be able to surprise yourself with finds from the most unexpected places. There are just a few more weeks left before our final reveal . . . stay tuned!

Madness Is Part Of Life

Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto‘s latest installation is truly representative of it’s title: Madness Is Part Of Life. He and and his protegé Evandro Machado have suspended thousands of plastic balls with colorful netting, allowing visitors of the exhibition to walk along it’s winding path. The crazy, jungle gym-like structure, set against the pristine white walls of Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo, is pretty genius – I’d love to see, feel, and experience it in person.


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