DIY Woven Charm Bracelet

You might remember our woven chain bracelet tutorial, one of our favorite DIYs to date. As we’re starting to get a taste of spring, we’re revisiting this oldie but goodie with some minor adjustments – this time with delicate chain and the addition of mini skull charms. So grab some of that embroidery floss and let’s get weaving!

You’ll need:


Into The Deep

While I’ve been parting my hair down the middle for ages, I’m suddenly inspired to transition to the deep side part thanks to this youthful yet sophisticated hair trend. Experts say it’s best to not let the part go past the outer tip of your eyebrow – a great tip to prevent an overly lopsided do!


Céline Fall 2013

No-nonsense chic. It’s what makes Céline so damn desirable. Soft leather clutches held tightly against woolen coats and boxy turtlenecks paired with flared skirts had us wondering which street style mavens would be emulating this look come fall. And though a beautifully soft and minimalist palette dominated the collection, I was most smitten with the plaids inspired by those ubiquitous nylon shopping carryalls. Brilliant!


Menswear Dog

Someone, give this dog a bone! I’m honestly crushin’ on the stylish star of Menswear Dog, a dapper shiba inu, who has a taste for Ralph Lauren knit ties, Gant Rugger oxford shirts, Paul Smith suits, and the occasional vintage Stetson driving cap. Woof.


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