Waves & Curls

I could never wrap my head around why my friends, who are blessed with gorgeous, bouncing curls, would even think about straightening their hair. This is coming from the naturally stick straight haired girl who got herself a perm several years ago. True story. It actually turned out beautifully, despite the noxious and arduous experience. Alas, the grass is always greener – we’re always wanting what we can’t have. So of course, I’m contemplating ditching the curling iron for another visit to the salon for some permanent waves. Change is a good thing, no?


Yellow Mustard

Mustard has the ability to add a real happy and warm pop of color to your decor. It pairs fantastclly with grey, pink, and almost any natural tone. And whether you go bold with an upholstered piece of furniture or use it as an accent color, it’ll always get noticed.


Carleen Spring 2013

Mixing traditional Americana with modern nostalgia, designer Kelsy Carleen Parkhouse has our hearts aflutter with her impressive debut collection. The Pratt graduate and recent recipient of the inaugural Liz Claiborne Award found inspiration in the stratification and color palette of the Grand Canyon, as well as the age-old art of quilting. We’re simply smitten with the colorblocked dresses held together with buttons, hand quilted separates and gauzy skirts. And if you have a few minutes, be sure to check out the video below which highlights the painstakingly beautiful details of her pieces.


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