Oh, the vexing question every girl has asked herself when it comes to taking the frontal fringe leap: should I or shouldn’t I? Bangs sure aren’t the lowest of maintenance but once you achieve that perfect Jane Birkin-esque set, you may never want to grow them out . . . I can certainly attest to that! So where do you stand on bangs? Yay or nay?


Fenton & Fenton

Lucy Fenton has combined her love of travelling, her passion for home design and her impeccable eye into the ultimate shopping destination: Fenton & Fenton. The Melbourne based boutique is filled with just about everything bold and eclectic for the home. Thankfully, most of her handpicked and ethically sourced treasures are available online – although you wouldn’t need to twist my arm to get me to Australia to experience this wonderland of riches in person!


Shelter Co.

It’s been too long since I last went camping. Although I don’t consider myself a hardcore camper (i.e. car camping is totally fair game in my book), I do love the outdoors and enjoy sleeping in the backcountry – especially when there’s a campfire and s’mores involved. Enter Shelter Co: a pop up lodging service catering to people, like me, looking for that occasional luxurious outdoor lodging experience in just about any location in California. European canvas tents, Adirondack furniture, Pendleton blankets, fire pits and fully stocked coolers are ready to be set up at your next family renunion, wilderness wedding, or weekend getaway. Awesome.


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