Madewell Denim DIY

We’re honestly crushing on these DIY denim accessories courtesy of Madewell. Hold onto all that denim scrap when making your summer cut offs because you can always reuse the material to make yourself a neck bow, a pocket square, a pair of suspenders or a belt! Click herehere and here for the how-tos.

Casa Rita

Casa Rita is located on Formentera Island, the smallest and most southerly of the Balearic Islands of Spain. When I first saw Jordi Canosa‘s photos of this harmoniously rustic home, I was immediately reminded on one of my favorite flamenco songs, Aire by Josè Mercè. He sings: “que tenga la puerta abierta la alegria de mi casa,” which means to have the door open to joy and happiness in your home!


Crayola Carvings

If you liked Dalton Ghetti’s carved pencils, you’re going to love this. Diem Chau is an artist who is best known for her intricate and detailed crayon carvings. Inspired by folk art and wood carvings from the Depression Era, Diem chose crayons as her medium for their fragility and reminder of childhood. Here she has carved the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. Impressive, right? Check out the rest of her crayon carvings here!

(via here)

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