Shelter Co.

It’s been too long since I last went camping. Although I don’t consider myself a hardcore camper (i.e. car camping is totally fair game in my book), I do love the outdoors and enjoy sleeping in the backcountry – especially when there’s a campfire and s’mores involved. Enter Shelter Co: a pop up lodging service catering to people, like me, looking for that occasional luxurious outdoor lodging experience in just about any location in California. European canvas tents, Adirondack furniture, Pendleton blankets, fire pits and fully stocked coolers are ready to be set up at your next family renunion, wilderness wedding, or weekend getaway. Awesome.


Ariel Gordon Jewelry

Simplicity goes a long way and LA based designer Ariel Gordon clearly gets it. After working as a publicist for years, Ariel decided to pursue jewelry design professionally and eventually delved into the world of metalsmithing and stone setting at San Francisco’s Revere Academy. We are absolutely smitten with her collection of fine 14k gold jewelry which includes delicate rings, lightweight bracelets, and sweet charm necklaces. I always have a handful of precious gold rings permanently stacked on various fingers so I’m especially excited to incorporate some of Ariel’s signature gold bands into my repertoire.


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