Electric Pablo

Life Magazine has released a series of photographs from the 1949 collaboration between Pablo Picasso and Gjon Mili, the pioneer of stroboscopic light in photography. I’m familiar with the iconic photograph of Picasso and his centaur, but was never able to fully grasp the inventive technique until now. It’s hard to believe that Picasso’s passing strokes, made with just a small electric light, came together so skillfully and were captured so brilliantly on film.


Chic Chalet

This two year renovation project of a 1870 structure is the work of Beligian decorator Lionel Jadot and is located in the town of Megéve of the French Alps. Filled with treasures from all over the world and decorated with European elements, like the Bisazza tiled kitchen, this eclectic rustic home is the perfect winter hideaway.


Chanel Pre-Fall 2013

Was there a relationship in history as dramatic and emotional as the one between Queen Elizabeth and Mary Queen of Scots? Not according to Karl Lagerfeld, who was inspired by the ill-fated Queen of Scotland when creating his pre-fall collection for Chanel. Drop-waisted kilt-pleated coats, tartan and tweed jackets, and Elizabethan ruffled necklines came down the runway in the courtyard of Linlithgow Palace in Scotland. Coco Chanel actually had close ties to Scotland and learned about tweed and knitwear from Barrie Knitwear, which recently was acquired by Chanel. Bravo, Karl, on another utterly amazing spectacle!


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