Garden Garden On The Wall

I’ve been dreaming of creating a vertical garden next spring – the only obstacles are that I currently don’t have the wall space or a green thumb. So until I overcome those hurdles I might just snatch up a few of these beautiful hanging tillandsia gardens, from San Francisco based Flora Grubb, which require minimal tender loving care. Baby steps . . .

(Flora Grubb Grape Wood Tillandsia $24; Flora Grubb vertical panel $79; last image from here)

DIY Pom Pom Beanie

Brrrrrr, it’s chilly outside. It’s time to sort through your collection of winter hats, ear muffs, and knit headbands for some necessary protection for that noggin! But before you toss out your favorite slouchy beanie from seasons past, why not revamp it by stitching on a large, furry* pom pom?

* I appreciate the very valid concern about animal cruelty and I hope we all share the same compassion for animals. I would never knowingly point readers to fur that was produced under the conditions mentioned by a couple of commenters. I have changed the link so that it points to faux fur in the hopes that anybody who decides to do this DIY chooses that alternative.

You’ll need:


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