Drawn The Road Again

Chandler O’Leary just launched her illustrated travel blog Drawn The Road Again and it’s amazing. Documenting her travels with a moleskin and watercolors, she’s able to capture the essence of the places she’s seen through visual conversations. As I prepare for my trip to Montana this weekend, I’m inspired to bring along my moleskin so that I can attempt at documenting my journey.

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Villa Bambola II

Before designing each jewelry collection for A Peace Treaty, Farah Malik and Dana Arib research ancient civilizations and worldly regions for inspiration. This season, Villa Bambola II was inspired by the ancient Roman, Jewish, and Islamic influences on 1960s Libya and the detailed mosaics, latticework, feathers, hamsas and palm fronds that decorated the art and architecture of that time. I love the contrast of brassy metal with opal, lapis and amazonite – so rich and exquisite.



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