Figue Studio Visit

If there is one person that truly personifies that gypset-globetrotting spirit, it’s Stephanie von Watzdorf of Figue. With years of working with brands like Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, and Tory Burch under her belt, Stephanie recently launched her own women’s collection consisting of printed tunics, embroidered kaftans, reclaimed and embellished military jackets, one of a kind jewelry and bohemian handbags. Figue is essentially a beautifully eclectic collection of treasures that you wish you discovered and brought home from all of those imaginary adventures to those faraway destinations. While visiting the Soho showroom, I could immediately appreciate the many influences that have inspired Stephanie’s aesthetic – her grandparents who were dancers in The Ballet Russes, her childhood spent in Paris, New York and Italy, her commitment to giving back to communities and organizations, and her love of travel. It’s no wonder the entire day could have been spent just taking in all the eye candy filling the studio. I have officially fallen in love with Figue.


Crystal Clear

This season Dries Van Noten sent nine of his models down the runway with ears encrusted with irregularly shaped pieces of crystals. Make up artist Peter Philips adhered the crystals with glue and placed each and every one by hand with tweezers, making a makeshift earcuff. The idea came from the big necklaces and larger than life brooches from the show. I want to try a smaller version myself and wonder if my favorite double sided tape will do the trick?


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