Daily Petri Dish

For every day in 2013 San Francisco based artist Klari Reis will be creating art within the confines of plexiglass petri dishes for a project called The Daily Dish, which is a continuation of a project she completed back in 2009. Klari uses layers of reflective epoxy polymer to create colorful and abstract paintings that look like living microorganisms. And they have the most brilliant names like Octopus KissesMoshing At A Pearl Jam Concert, and Jellyfish With A Brooch. We can’t wait to check in on the project to see the progression through the year . . . 86 days and counting!


DIY Decoupage Eggs

Oh, how we have a special place in our crafty hearts for the art of découpage. We can always rely on good ol’ trusty Mod Podge to assist in embellishing handbags, boxes, and even pumpkins. But eggs? Ostrich eggs?! Only Martha would think of something so clever and perfect for the season. Head on over to HonestlyYUM to get the full rundown on how to recreate these colorful spring objets!

(tutorial via HonestlyYUM)

Micaela Greg

Micaela Greg, a San Francisco based knitwear company, was founded by sisters Marie and Karen Potesta who produce all their pieces with the softest Egyptian cotton and cashmere imported from Italy. The simple silhouettes and muted palettes have me wanting to wrap myself in the sweaters and cardigans for those cool spring nights.


Chignon Du Cou

I love myself a chignon – if done right, it can look incredibly chic and effortless. It’s no wonder the word actually comes from the French phrase “chignon du cou,” which means nape of the neck. There are a handful of great tutorials out there that are incredibly easy to follow: from the tuck and roll chignon to the asymmetrical chignon to the braided chignon. And unless you’re walking down the aisle, a little loose and a bit messy is the way to go.


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