Clyde Hats

Oddly enough, I find wearing hats in the fall much easier than in the summer – probably because I generally prefer the heavier felt and wool variety. Designer Dani Griffiths has convinced me otherwise with this her collection of straw hats, in super chic shapes, for Clyde. I mean, a two-toned hat with a velour felt crown and wide straw brim? Love it. Sold.



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Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers can easily cross that fine line into garish territory. Juxtaposed against a crisp and neutral palette, however, and these ornate fixtures make a room utterly magnificent. And hung outdoors or in a bathroom?! Always a good idea.



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Bing Rewards

If you’re like us and find yourself glued to the computer at times searching for DIY tutorials, yummy recipes, styling trends, or simply beautiful images to add to your Pinterest board, you know how important an efficient search engine is. And now that you’ve taken the Bing vs Google challenge, you might have surprised yourself by picking Bing more often than you expected. If you’re thinking about switching to Bing as we plan on doing, remember that you get rewarded simply by searching with Bing. All you have to do is sign in with Facebook and earn credits towards rewards by searching and taking advantage of daily offers, including Xbox LIVE and Hulu Plus subscriptions, Redbox movie rentals, Starbucks and Amazon gift cards and even donations to charities you choose. Happy searching!

And congratulations to Jordan Troublefield @JordanTroublefi for winning the Bing It On Challenge Sweepstakes!


The Last Link

A couple weeks ago, Bauble Bar launched their Guest Bartender series with 15 pieces of vintage-inspired jewelry that were curated by yours truly. The collection, however, wasn’t quite complete. It needed a bit of punk flair, didn’t you agree? We asked you to help us pick the 16th and final piece by selecting your favorite of three necklaces on Pinterest. Well, you voted and you got it – the Gold Ice Spike Necklace is now available for purchase online! Also, several of the sold out items from the collaboration are now back in stock. Oh, happy day. 



(HWTF x Bauble Bar collection available bere)

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