Sweet Tooth: Casa de Chocolates

Not only is the San Francisco Bay Area known for it’s natural beauty and entrepreneurial spirit, it’s also recognized for pioneering the organic food movement and producing a plethora of amazing artisanal food products. Banana Republic has been part of this progressive community for 35 years and in continuing the celebration of their anniversary, we are concluding our series with the duo behind a unique chocolate shop in Berkeley, CA called Casa de Chocolates.

Who is Casa de Chocolates: Casa de Chocolates was co-founded by us, Arcelia Gallardo and Amelia Gonzalez, in 2011. Arcelia (pictured on the right) has long been fascinated with the history of chocolate from the Olmecs first drinking it to the Spanish keeping it a secret for a century to all that Europe has done to it since then. She started making chocolate out of her home while selling online and she eventually approached me, Amelia (pictured on the left), to invest to create a production facility and retail location. We both share the same desire to combine the legacies of our Mesoamerican ancestors with our passion for Latino culture, arts and fine chocolates and desserts. We draw inspiration from traditional chocolates, desserts, flavors and images of Mexico, Central America and South America.



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Lulu Frost x HonestlyWTF

We recently collaborated with jewelry designer extraordinaire Lisa Salzer, of Lulu Frost, to design a limited edition charm bracelet and we’re so thrilled to finally be able share it with you! What makes this bracelet so special are the 10 unique number charms. Different Victorian lockets and vintage pendants from Lisa’s archive were used as inspiration for each silhouette and the original font from New York’s iconic Plaza Hotel inspired each single digit number. With the addition of a couple of pearls and a crystal leaf, this charm bracelet allows everyone to have their own meaningful jewelry statement. And with a pair of pliers and jump rings, you can add more mementos, making it an even more memorable keepsake. Head over to the Lulu Frost blog to find out more about why Lauren and I chose our favorite numbers, 7 and 5 respectively. So tell us, what’s your lucky number?




(Lulu Frost x HonestlyWTF Charm Bracelet $225)

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