50 States Of Lego

Inspired by his daughter and her Lego collection, Canadian photographer Jeff Friesen has turned a side project into multi-part series that has captured the attention of many – including us Lego lovers! First was a series satirizing the provinces of Canada and now, a 50 part series characterizing the Unites States. The vignettes are hilarious and smart, especially when you look closely at the details. Each diorama is also accompanied by witty captions. Can you recognize your state?



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Erdem Pre-Fall 2014

Honestly, does anyone master femininity better than Erdem Moralioglu? For his pre-fall collection, the designer presented vintage-inspired silhouettes, with the usual crystal beading and embroidered flowers. But this time, Erdem was all about mixing unexpected fabrics together like eelskin with jacquard and macramé lace with neoprene. Modern yet oh so classic. Love.



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Last Minute Gifts

Despite all the pre-holiday planning, we always find ourselves in need of a last minute gift for that one person we managed to leave off our list. This season, Lauren and I turned to Nordstrom Rack in search of the perfect gift for our friend Claire. We came across so many amazing finds, like  jewelry, makeup and designer sunglasses, that we had to remind ourselves who we were really shopping for! What did we end up picking for dear Claire? Watch the video to find out!

lastminutegifts copy

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