Color Crazy

J.Crew is for crazy for color. And we are totally grateful for this obsession. I mean, have you ever noticed the color palette in the corner of their catalogs and wondered exactly how many shades of pink they must play with to get that perfect shade?! 310 shades, apparently. You’ve got to check out this Wes Anderson-like video, which gives us a sneak peek into J.Crew’s color library, and see just how much goes into a single color. Amazing!

Color Crazy 1

Color Crazy 2

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The American __tier

In his newest series The American _tier, artist Shawn Huckins explores 19th century American paintings in context of 21st century slangAfter replicating paintings by hand, he superimposes text-messaging pop culture jargon with white paint – no photoshop involved here! The juxtaposition of old and new begs the question: what would our founding fathers think of present day lexicons!?



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