A Day At The Beach

Having lived within reach from the beach for my whole life, I’ve become somewhat of an expert at packing for a summer’s day at the shore. It’s really all about transitional items, from what you’ll need to play in the water, to layout on the sand, and to explore the town. This means I’m never without 5 key pieces : sunnies, sunhat, sunscreen, turkish towel, and a beach friendly bag. My Persol‘s are my go-to sunglasses for many reasons. Not only are they timeless, handcrafted and polarized, there were Steve McQueen’s eyewear of choice. It doesn’t get more classic than that! Seriously though, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to protect your eyes with quality polarized lenses. Then there’s my turkish towel, which is lightweight and doubles as a shawl when the sun sets. Stash that, with sunscreen and a sunhat, into a woven basket bag and you’re officially a happy beach go’er!


sunglass hut 1.2


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