Elsa Mora

In addition to being a painter, sculptor, jewelry designer and author, Cuban born artist Elsa Mora is most impressively an unbelievably talented paper cutter. Imagine the amount of patience and care it takes to cut such intricate, beautiful and delicate designs out of just a simple piece of paper.



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A La Russe Spring 2014

Anastasia Romantsova’s spring collection, for A La Russe, has me daydreaming of a sun-filled getaway – in the Mediterranean, perhaps – where you’ll find me wearing her floor skimming dresses, silk printed scarves and straw sun hats. Not yet available stateside, this collection will just have to live in my dreams . . . for now.





Much Loved

For a newly released book project, photographer Mark Nixon has captured intimate portraits of cherished stuffed animals that have been ripped apart and bruised after years of play and snuggles. Although seemingly sad at first, you can’t help but think that the more tattered the plush possession, the more loved it was. It’s not easy being a teddy bear!


Tom O’Connor Jr - Beary

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DIY Jeweled Trenchcoat

We pretty much want to put jewels on everything these days, including the ever classic trench thanks to Christopher Bailey. Burberry’s iconic trench coat got a dazzling makeover with jeweled florets – the highlight of his resort collection! Sparkly crystals + our favorite type of outerwear?! This calls for a DIY, of course. This may not be the easiest of tutorials but it’s so worth the time and effort, if you are so inspired.


You’ll need:



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