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I love the realistic nature and simplicity of these still life studies from artist Joël Penkman. She has an interesting painting technique, using egg tempera as her medium, tediously grinding her own paints and making her own gesso, the classic priming for Renaissance-style fine art. There is something so delectably uplifting about each of these paintings, no?



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Milly Fall 2014

According to Michelle Smith, the ballerina off duty has become the new model off duty. Indeed every look in Milly‘s fall collection was exactly what you’d imagine a dancer might be dressed in when not on stage. There were plenty of pretty elements – blush tulle skirts, Mongolian lambs wool sweaters, fringed trousers, oversized coats tied close with a delicate bow – all layered together superbly. Sweet and feminine but definitely not lacking power.



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Ginger Jars

I’m currently on a ginger jar kick – searching for and collecting them wherever I can find them. Did you know that these jars date back to China’s Tang Dynasty and were once used to to carry ginger, one of the most valuable spices at the time, when they were exported to the West? The blue and white is so classic but I also love the simplicity of the white jars. If you love them as much as I do, I suggest trying Williams Sonoma or One King’s Lane for beautiful renditions!



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Tibi Fall 2014

Amy Smilovic‘s fall collection was a lesson in layering for the city girl who visited the country and brought a bit of it back with her to become the pastoral urbanite. Super long scarves were wrapped and draped under felted wool and bouclé fleece coats. Sweaters were tied at the waist over calf-grazing culottes and faded denim. And if that wasn’t chic enough, the addition of sleek loafers, bouclé mules and Amish brimmed hats made it all that much cooler. Head to toe – we wanted it all.




ManiaMania Solstice

The latest collection from designers Melanie Kamsler and Tamila Purvis, of ManiaMania, embraces spiritual and religious symbolism with wiccan and gothic-inspired shapes that include pyramids, crosses and moon symbols. I’d like to think that any of these gorgeous jewels will give me special powers . . .





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