Deedee Cheriel

A few moths ago, while at a restaurant, I spotted a silkscreened poster of a howling bear with the phrase: You Have Everything You Need. I immediately went home and did some digging on the internet to find that it was the work of artist Deedee Cheriel. Her surreal-like paintings are weirdly wonderful. I love the bears howling trails of colorful patterns.

Dee Dee Cheriel 1


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Buy Me Brunch

Buy Me Brunch is a San Francisco based company that cuts, sews, and prints their t-shirts in The City By The Bay. Every month, you can go onto their Facebook page and vote for which designs you’d like to be printed. Did you know Big Papi wore the Red Sox’s Beard shirt under his uniform during the World Series? You might want to check out their posters too!buymebrunch

Buy me Brunch 1

Buy me Brunch 2

(Buy Me Brunch T-shirts $22, images via Nic Mesker)

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