Parisian Time Capsule

I couldn’t believe the story when I first read about it: a Parisian time capsule left behind by a French socialite and actress. After suddenly fleeing to the South of France during WWII, Madame de Florian’s lavish Paris apartment was abandoned and locked up with all of her belongings in it. And there it all stayed, just how she left it, until her death in 2010 – completely untouched for 68 years. Among many of the treasures discovered was a never before seen portrait of de Florian’s grandmother by Giovanni Boldini, which eventually sold at auction for $3million dollars. Also discovered were love letters between the artist and her grandmother, persian rugs, furniture and much more. You couldn’t make this story up if you tried!

Madame de Florian 2

Madame de Florian 1

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Simone Camille x clamdiggin

When Alexandra Fisher and Kevin Johnson, of clamdiggin, painted a mural on the wall of handbag designer Simone Harouche‘s son’s nursery, she was obsessed with their artwork ever since. So a collaborative project seemed like the obvious next step. Twenty five limited edition deerskin backpacks, clutches and satchels were covered in hand painted drawings, each accompanied by a hand written song of the adventures that inspired the drawings and adorned with hand cut floral embellishments by the artistic duo. We’re absolutely obsessed. The luxuriously soft bags are wickedly stunning and true works of art.



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Anatomical Collages

I was hesitant to see the Bodies exhibit when it first came to New York City – squeamish and almost nauseated at the idea of seeing the insides of the human body. Clearly, science was never my best subject. But it ended up being absolutely fascinating and suddenly, it felt silly that I would have had such unwarranted apprehension towards something so normal and natural. These beautiful collages, by artist Travis Bedel, merge anatomical imagery with illustrations from vintage etchings from science guides and textbooks. And I think they are just too cool.



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Orla Kiely Spring 2014

How sweet is Orla Kiely‘s spring lookbook, inspired by none other than my favorite eccentric pubescent love story: Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom? With printed short suits, belted trench coats, buttoned shirt dresses and patterned shift dresses, the Orla Kiely adventurer is channeling her inner Suzy Bishop – down to the exposed collars, knee-high socks and berets. Two thumbs up!



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