The Gap

The voice of storyteller Ira Glass, of This American Life, has gotten us through countless commutes in traffic and long travels on the road. His interviews and anecdotes have the ability to inspire, rouse and motivate through radio waves. Several years ago, he gave an inspirational dialogue with, which has been so beautifully interpreted by German-based artist Daniel Sax by way of animated typography. Glass’ motivational address encourages artists, creatives and writers to fight through the struggle. Give it a listen.


The GAP2

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Just when I thought all the amazing winter markdowns had come and left, my day was brightened yesterday when I stumbled upon Nanushka‘s seasonal sale. Raffia hoodies, hand woven tunics, wool bombers, and denim pencil skirts are all 50% off and still so wearable for at least a few more months. Go forth, friends!



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Aakash Nihalani

What started out an accidental exercise with a single roll of painter’s tape, is now the medium that artist Aakash Nihalani uses for his geometric, trompe l’oeil  forms on sidewalks and public surfaces. I love his most recent work, where blue paint is seemingly spilling over a 3-dimensional shape.



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Sabine G

Let me introduce you to my latest jewelry crush: Sabine G. Inspired by relics from the 12th century and her international travels, London-based jeweler Sabine Ghanem created the Relic collection around a Medieval heart motif, accented by diamonds and antiqued rose gold. I remember seeing Ottoman-inspired jewelry, similar to this, while traveling in Turkey – but nothing quite this exquisite. I especially love the elongated cross rings. Simply stunning!


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