Missed Connections

Brooklyn based artist Sophie Blackall‘s Missed Connections project is an ongoing series based on real messages posted online by lovelorn strangers. I could spend the entire day reading these anonymous postings through the eyes of Sophie’s Chinese ink and water color illustrations. Some are sweet, some are funny and some are sad, but mostly they are hopeful . . . and make us hopeful for someone’s second chance at love!


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Barbara Bonner

When designing each handbag collection, Barbara Bonner keeps in mind the archetypical strong woman who inspires her. Her influencial grandmother, for instance, was a traveling circus performer who rode a motorcycle in the circle of death . When I first discovered the London based designer, I immediately wanted to get my hands on one of her ultra long fringed bags. Wish list, check.




Harper + Lola

A dog is a man’s best friend. But a dog can also be a little girl’s best friend, protector, sibling and playmate. Photographer Rebecca Leimbach has spent the last 4 years capturing the incredible bond between her 4 year old daughter and the family’s 7 year old English bulldog, Lola. These photos make my heart melt into one big puddle of gushy love. And the fact that Lola is indeed sitting up and asleep in many of these photos is just priceless. I can’t . . .



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