DIY Mini Pajaki

A few months ago, I was invited to my beloved Castle In The Air for an afternoon of pajaki making. What’s a pajaki, you ask? Pajakis are traditional Polish paper chandeliers, made from straw and pieces of colored paper. Though they vary in shape and size, these mobiles are always incredibly colorful and festive. I had so much fun making my first pajaki, I knew it was a tutorial I had to share with you. They are definitely time consuming to make (but oh so worth it) so I asked creative geniuses, John McRae and Karima Cammell, of Castle In The Air to come up with a simpler tutorial just for you!


You’ll need:


Part Nouveau

New ideas are old ideas as history has a tendency of repeating itself and in fashion, it’s no exception. Lilah Ramzi, of my newest blog obsession Part Nouveau, explores the history and inspiration behind some of our favorite modern fashion moments. Who knew the campaign for Miss Dior Cherie, shot by Tim Walker, was inspired the 1956 short film Le Ballon Rouge? Or that cover of Harper’s Bazaar, where Kate Winslet is swinging off a tower in front of the Chrysler Building, was influenced by Lisa Fonssagrives swaying from the Eiffel Tower in a 1939 issue of French Vogue? Fascinating!


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Clyde Hats

Oddly enough, I find wearing hats in the fall much easier than in the summer – probably because I generally prefer the heavier felt and wool variety. Designer Dani Griffiths has convinced me otherwise with this her collection of straw hats, in super chic shapes, for Clyde. I mean, a two-toned hat with a velour felt crown and wide straw brim? Love it. Sold.



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