If you’re not already familiar with Drew Ginsburg, the jewelry mastermind behind Me & Lex, then you probably don’t spend your days consumed by the incredible necklaces that have quickly become part of her signature style. Drew has taken the statement necklace to whole new level, taking apart vintage and designer necklaces and reconstructing them into mind blowing, jaw dropping pieces. And after her loyal Instagram following begged and pleaded to purchase these stunners, she finally launched 6 styles for sale – each made with antiqued Swarovski crystals, coins and some with detailed Indian filigree. So damn good, it hurts.





Elsa Mora

In addition to being a painter, sculptor, jewelry designer and author, Cuban born artist Elsa Mora is most impressively an unbelievably talented paper cutter. Imagine the amount of patience and care it takes to cut such intricate, beautiful and delicate designs out of just a simple piece of paper.



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