Bimba & Lola Spring 2014

Bimba & Lola turned to surrealist painter Maruja Mallo, one of the most significant visual artists of the Spanish avant-garde movement, for inspiration this season. Her 1952 painting Mermaids influenced the different materials used in the collection: fabric with shiny iridescent finishes, metallic leather, loose knits imitating fishing nets and stamped neoprene resembling sea sponges. Under the sea and on our wish list . . .



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Graced With Light

In celebration of 100 Years of Music at the Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, artist in residence Anne Patterson has created Graced With Lighta music and stained glass-inspired installation that features nearly 20 miles of multicolored ribbons cascading from the church’s vaulted ceiling arches. The first part of the project took over a week to assemble – four days just to attach the ribbons to the ropes from which they are suspended. I got to see this in person last week and let me say, it was one of the most magnificent sights I’ve seen. I could have spent the entire day in the cathedral, listening to the organs play and peacefully staring up at the streaming, stain ribbons. If you happen to be in San Francisco before the end of February, I highly suggest checking it out!



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Factory Living

Everything in life needs space. Space to create, breath, and room to grow. This factory turned home, by Australian fashion designer Lee Matthews, might be the absolute perfect space. What once was the headquarters for Lee’s fashion label is now home to her and her family. The old wood floors, high saw tooth factory ceilings, and oversized living room to host all of her books, rugs, textiles, and oversized artwork makes this home absolutely superb.





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