American Trade Hotel

Ok, it’s official. I ready to finally visit the melting pot that is Panama. Seeing photos of the new American Trade Hotel sealed the deal for me – it’s located in the 340 year old Casco Viejo neighborhood of the city and is a collaboration between the Ace Hotel Group and Conservatorio, a Casco real estate development company dedicated to revitalizing the neighborhood. The 50 room boutique hotel is oozing with Latin American flavor with white stucco walls, ceiling fans and patterned tiles. I can just imagine seeking refuge here, after a sweltering day exploring the bustling metropolis, with an ice cold beer in the courtyard. You too? Let’s go.



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Clyde Fall 2014

My, oh my . . . how incredible is Dani Griffiths‘s fall collection of berets, high crowned fedoras, wide brimmed hats and drummer boy caps? One for every day of the week and then some. There is something about an exceptional hat that raises one’s level of confidence and heightens one’s je ne sais quoi – it is the ultimate accessory.





Street Walkers

New Jersey based artist Joe Iurato‘s little figures, cut out of wood and spray painted, are very personal to him. They are each inspired by his life passions: breakdancing, skateboarding, and rock climbing. And what better way to bring these wooden figures, that stand less the 15″ in height, to life than to leave them real life environments – dangling from bridges, climbing brick buildings, swinging from street signs, balancing on shadows and traversing through puddles. Love it.



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