Ombré Stone Bracelet

As we’re approaching HonestlyWTF’s four year anniversary, I’m reminded of the original inspiration behind the countless tutorials we’ve done over the years. I was originally motivated to share all tips and tricks I had accumulated over the years as a jewelry and accessories designer – to show you that you can do it yourself. What may seem difficult, tedious and complicated is actually relatively straightforward with the right resources. This ombré gemstone bracelet is the perfect example. Hope you enjoy it and most of all, I hope you’ll attempt to make it!


You’ll need:

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Outdoor Living

The one thing that sold us on our new house was the sizable backyard. It wasn’t in the best shape at the time but it had a spectacular oak tree and mature redwood, which is all we needed as jumpstart to our outdoor project. And now with the summer months quickly approaching, it’s time to put this project into high gear. Here’s a roundup of some outdoor spaces I’m drawing inspiration from. Stay tuned for updates on our progress!



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Kule Fall 2014

Ok, is Nikki Kule just killing it or what? Just as I was reveling in this beautiful spring weather, I’m finding myself already jumping ahead of myself, looking longingly to fall, thanks to Kule’s super chic sophomore collection. I’m taking notes from each and every single look – a pinstripe and plaid peplum blouse over skinny heather grey trousers, accessorized with striped fur collar and a pair of saddle tan loafers? Can’t wait. Super soft drawstring pants tucked into striped socks and ankle high booties? Done.




Inside Grace Coddington’s Apartment

WSJ Magazine recently took us inside the home of Vogue‘s creative director and everyone’s dream best friend Grace Coddington – and we couldn’t be more excited. A self proclaimed hoarder (or what Lauren likes to call a collector), Grace’s Chelsea apartment is filled with collections of photographs, English ceramics, jugs, folk art and of course anything to do with cats. Expectedly eclectic, surprisingly orderly and wonderfully down to earth . . . just how we imagined Grace to be. And if you missed the video of her cooking steak and potatoes with Elettra Wiedemann last year, it’s a must see!



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