A Lesson In Textile Styling With Carlay Page

If you’ve ever wondered how to incorporate a multitude of vintage and ethnic textiles into your home without looking like a bohemian hoarder (not that that’s a bad thing!), turn to Carlay Page‘s North Carolina pad for inspiration. The photographer and interior stylist has previously contributed her mad skills to some of our favorite textile vendors, like Canary Lane and Semikah Textiles. I love how Carlay layers textiles with the right amount of restraint so that each room still has space to breathe. The addition of plants, cacti and found objects round out that perfect, eclectic feel that we all aim to achieve. So excuse me while I’m off to search for a metal canopy bed frame . . . need!


Horror Vacuis Spring 2018

Horror Vacui, the namesake of Anna Heinrichs’ label, is the Latin derived term for “fear of emptiness.” The old design theory essentially explains the urge to fill any empty space with all kinds of details. I can relate. And so does Anna. Inspired by the opulent details and voluminous silhouettes of 15th and 16th century nightgowns, the German designer has been designing sleeping gowns, dresses and blouses in vibrant patterned silks and crisp Egyptian cottons. Not only are her pieces wonderfully over the top, the details are insanely stunning and include scalloped edges, hand smocked panels and precise piping. Clearly, I need to step up my night to day wear.


DIY Tassel Espadrille Sneakers

It may come as no surprise to you that if I could add tassels and pom poms to everything in sight, I would. Wouldn’t they make life that much happier and more colorful? Sadly, even I know that too much can be . . . just too much. However, when I discover the most perfect pair of espadrille sneakers, the urge to adorn them with color and fringe is straight up irresistible. Forgive me, for I have tasseled. Yet again. The inspiration behind these tasseled espadrille sneakers was Ulla Johnson’s boho tassel heels and the most enjoyable part was playing around with some of my favorite color palettes. This is such an easy and fun way to add the right amount of flair to your summer kicks!

You’ll need:


Sea Resort 2018

It was Sea‘s urban, boho vibe that hooked us several seasons ago. Since then, the New York based label has evolved – just as we have, with a more polished, feminine sensibility. Monica Paolini and Sean Monahan’s resort collection is an example of their sea change. Denim is tailored and crisp, dresses are slim and narrow around the waist, and blouses are structured with sharp details . . . it’s everything we want to wear now.


Mona, Remastered

Don’t ask how I managed to spiral down a random rabbit hole of Mona Lisa parodies but that’s just the power of the internet. I was utterly amazed at the hundreds and hundreds hilarious spoofs artists have created using da Vinci’s famed portrait. So, as we recover from another far too short, sun-filled weekend, I give you the best of Mona, remastered.


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