It’s Mourning in America

Remember when Jenna Lyon’s dreamy Park Slope home came up for sale back in 2011 and real estate enthusiasts alike released a collective swoon and sigh? Well, we can all be horribly envious of Vince Clarke, founder of Depeche Mode, and his wife Tracy Martin, CEO of the Morbid Anatomy Museum – the new owners of the 4000 square foot, four story townhouse. And it gets even better. The couple has transformed the space, with the help of firm Roman and Williams, into a stunning Victorian style residence with a wonderfully eclectic mix of antique furniture and other dark but tasteful curiosities.



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N. Historiae 2015

Ever since her debut collection wowed us back in 2012, we’ve been anxiously awaiting jewelry designer Flora Lam‘s next move. Her inspiration runs deep and her forms are wonderfully unconventional so we weren’t surprised that her sophomore collection has proven to be nothing short of greatness. Old world geometry found in Moorish architecture and ancient insects were the foundation for N. Historiae‘s latest offerings – each piece delicately plated in 14kt gold and black ruthenium.



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