Spotted: Cowichan Sweaters

This is a sweater you would definitely recognize as it was famously worn by The Dude. But did you know that it is actually a celebrated item of Canada’s heritage? Cowichan sweaters have been hand-spun and woven in the Cowichan Valley since the turn of the 20th century. Authentic Cowichans use virgin wool from local sheep, relying on the aging of the sheep for the variance in color. The natural oils aren’t washed out, making all authentic Cowichans not only warm, but water resistant. Coast Salish knitters wash, dry, hand tease and card the wool, before spinning and weaving them into a one-of-a-kind sweaters. And since no two are alike, spotting these sweaters up and down the west coast is like taking a glimpse into the history of the Pacific Northwest tribes. So cool.





DIY Crystal Confetti Party Shoes

As much as I love getting gussied up for the slew of parties around the holidays, I like “dressing up” with accessories even more. For example, putting on a pair of statement shoes makes wearing denim at a festive gathering totally kosher – and I love that. Today, we’ll be showing you how to make a simple black pair of heels pop with the addition of a handful of crystals. It’s a super easy and fast way to add sparkle to any ensemble!


You’ll need:

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Oversized Art

I’ve been obsessing over large scale art lately – specifically oversized photography. They just provide such a powerful impact and can actually visually open up a space. If only we all had more walls to fill . . .




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