Self Portrait

Maylasian born designer Han Chong trained at Central Saint Martins and designed for Three Floor before launching his uniquely feminine label, Self Portrait, last fall. I’m obsessed with the intricate lace panelling and architectural elements in each piece, with cutouts and change of textures and patterns in all the right places. The construction is so beautifully distinct, you wouldn’t believe most of his dresses fall under $300.





The Royal Mansour

As if I needed another push to visit Morocco, discovering The Royal Mansour in Marrakech could only be a sign that a future trip is imminent. This masterpiece, nestled within Marrakesh’s medina, was commissioned and owned by King Mohammed VI of Morocco, and boasts expert Moroccan craftsmanship down to every detail. Not only does this hotel have one of the most gorgeous spas I’ve ever seen, guests stay in riads that connect through a maze of alleyways and paths, to mimic the medina of Marrakech. Could it get any more luxurious? I suppose now we know what a hotel designed by royalty looks like and I’m in love.



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L’Argent Love

My jewelry collection has been gold heavy for as far back as I can remember. Occasionally, I’ll incorporate one or two silver pieces here and there but it’s predominately gold territory in these parts. However, after stumbling upon this Vogue Paris editorial, I found myself obsessed with this cool toned metal. Silver truly shines when you can layer it on heavy and I love the idea of mixing high and low pieces – you’ll be surprised at the crazy inexpensive treasures you can find at places like Kohl’s or Chico’s (nobody will ever know, I swear!). Jump on the silver bandwagon with me, won’t you?

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Bondi Haze

It’s hard to believe that the month is nearly over and we haven’t had a single day of the usual “June gloom” here in Los Angeles. That is normally a good thing but Irenaeus Herok‘s beautiful photos of haze over Australia’s Bondi Beach actually make me yearn for those overcast days. It just goes to show the beach is the ideal destination, regardless of the weather.





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