Kathleen Whitaker

Lately I’ve been toning down the costume jewelry in favor of fine and delicate earrings, necklaces and rings made of pure, solid gold. My collection is growing and quickly turning into an addiction. Enter designer Kathleen Whitaker, a favorite here at HonestlyWTF. We love the simplicity of her earrings – it’s amazing how such small and dainty pieces of gold can have such a strong impact . . . on the ear! It’s the kind of jewelry you’ll never want or need to take off. Ever. Trust us.

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Farmhouse Retreat

I love all the details of this 17th-century farmhouse, which sits on the border of Umbria and Tuscany in central Italy. Hand painted murals, vintage designer fabrics, antique hardware and unique touches make up the charm and lived in comfort of the 10,000 square foot retreat. And that black and white tub?! Invite me over for a soak, won’t you?





DIY Gold Striped Nails

After spotting these gold striped nails on jewelry designer Anna Sheffield‘s Instagram, I knew I had to recreate it. All it took was a little bit of research online, where I discovered something called nail striping tape, which is the key to masking off the perfect geometric nail art and creating metallic lines without using polish. Have I been living under a rock?! The stuff is so easy to work with – just add top coat – and super cheap – about $2 for 10 rolls of multi-colored metallic tape that should last you a lifetime. This will be how I’ll be dressing up my nails this summer!


You’ll need:

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