New England In Sweden

At first glance, you would never believe that this New England style home, with Thai influences, was actually located in Sweden’s countryside. Nevertheless, it’s the prefect entertaining residence – with it’s large kitchen and incredible outdoor living space. I adore the white walls, industrial fixtures, dark wood and Eastern objects placed throughout. So homey and so dreamy.



Kiddie Arts

Dutch muralist Telmo Pieper, in his “Kiddie Arts” series, has interpreted his childhood drawings into realistic, digitally created works of art. I wonder how elated Telmo’s 4 year old self would have been to see his doodles come to life. Yes, that oddly shaped whale is exactly how you see it. And bears can be lopsided. And a snail with the world’s smallest shell? It’s possible! Honestly, awesome.



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Surf Shirts

Maybe it’s a sign of my age but sun protection is a top priority when hanging out at the beach these days. Gone were the days of laying out in the sun to build my tan. Instead, I’m shopping for rash guards and surf shirts for that extra defense against the sun, especially while out on the paddleboard. And with a plethora of chic shirts these days, sun protection in the form of activewear never felt so cool.


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DIY Sticker Mandala

I first discovered Lauren Vardell‘s sticker art by total happenstance. While perusing the web,  I stumbled across a giant sticker mandala that Mrs Grossman’s sticker factory had commissioned the artist to make for them. Honestly, WTF – this thing blew my socks off! The inspiration to make my own couldn’t have come at a better time as I was looking for more wall art for my son Quincy’s room. Making these sticker mandalas is so meditative and fun, I’ve since made more for friends and expectant mamas. And really, there’s nothing more nostalgic than receiving sheets upon sheets of stickers in the mail! For a few hours, I’m a kid once again.


You’ll need:

  • stickers
  • a large and sturdy piece of fine paper (I used a 22 x 30″ sheet of watercolor paper)
  • a pencil
  • a kneaded rubber eraser
  • a ruler
  • a yard stick
  • a compass
  • a protractor

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