Masscob Fall 2014

On a long list of shopping recommendations for my upcoming trip to Spain, a friend of mine pointed out that Masscob was a must. Without even seeing the clothing in person, I’m already intrigued. Designers Marga Massanet and Jacobo Cobian launched the label over 10 years ago and have made a name for themselves with their signature relaxed, yet strong, sensibility. I can’t wait to pick up a couple of blazers and masculine overcoats for fall


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Elephant Blanc

This Moroccan home, located on the coast of Tangier, could quite possibly be the ultimate beach home. I mean, how can you compete with carved archways, the arabesque details, the stained glass, colorful tile and white washed walls?! You can’t. It’s just perfect.


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Simone Camille Fall 2014

Designer Simone Harouche‘s love of antique textiles and vintage clothing is evident in the distinct details she adorns each of her handbags. With each backpack, clutch and tote, you know you’re carrying something handcrafted and special. This season, Simone is stunning us with another collection – this time it’s all about jaguar printed calf hair bags, tribal inspired leather backpacks and of course more of our favorite embroidered vintage goods.  



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Miniature Calendar

For every day of the year, for the past four years, Japanese artist Tanaka Tatsuya has created miniature dioramas using everyday objects and tiny figures. In his imaginative world, almonds are surfboards, a cantaloupe is a globe, a fork is a slide, an aluminum can is a swimming hole, and thumb tacks are to be harvested. It’s hard to believe that Tanaka comes up with these ingenious scenes every single day. They’re honestly delightful!



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Visvim WMV

We’re obsessing over this Americana inspired collection from Japanese brand Visvim. Designers Hiroki and Kelsi Nakamura launched their first ever women’s collection, WMV, last fall after years of designing utilitarian, artisan rich garb for men. By diligently perfecting worn denim and incorporating French, Japanese and Amish techniques, you can be rest assured that every piece of WMV has been well considered and constructed. Here’s hoping we’ll see more of them stateside . . . until then, we’ll be taking cues from their adorable spring lookbook.




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