Ayr Fall 2014

AYR pretty much sums my style. Simple, easy, minimal, and never without denim. It’s no wonder AYR’s cofounders previously worked together at J.Crew and Madewell – they seem to have mastered beautifully made products, wearable all year round, at reasonable price points. My legs are on the shorter side, considering my height, so I love that the denim comes in multiple lengths. And with free overnight shipping and returns, I’m looking forward to finding my perfect pair.





Some of our favorite art series are when pop culture collides with historical art works like The Carter Family Portrait, Emoji Nation, The Penniless Photographer and The America __tier. And now there is a new artist with a clever sense of humor that can be added to our list. Georgetown sophomore and former Nasty Gal intern Chris Rellas inserts designer accessories and logos into iconic works of art. Jacques-Louis David’s Psyché Abandonnée is clutching onto Stop It Right Now’s Céline skateboard, Frederic Leighton’s Pavonia is rocking jeweled Chanel brows, and William Bouguereau’s The Nut Gatherers are busy talking a Moschino selfie. It’s product placement at it’s best!



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Military Cots

Living at the beach in the summer means I have a parade of house guests, from near and far. I’m ready to ditch the air mattresses and replace them with army cots. Their simple frames make them easy to store, which is especially great for small living spaces. And they can also double as a coffee table or daybed! I’m officially on the hunt. Hello, Ebay and Etsy!





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