Le Fou By Wilfred Spring 2016

All I ever want to bring on a hot summer getaway is a suitcase full of lightweight basics in white and neutral, earthy tones. So when I spot easy silhouettes elevated with interesting design elements, I’m all over it. That’s why Ariztia is making packing easy with their in brand capsule collection of high waisted shorts and loose fitting trousers in airy linen, tanks in lightweight knits and layering basics in luxe Italian fabrics. Button details, flutter trims and delicate tie straps . . . it’s all in the simple details. Oh, and everything is on sale now!


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Hayley Mitchell

The exuberance and confidence radiating from Hayley Mitchell‘s cubist-inspired faces is contagious. It’s impossible not to be in good spirits after taking in her painted series of rosy cheeked, vivaciously adorned ladies! The Austin based artist’s pieces would make a powerful impression in any space – I’m loving the idea of adding one of her works to baby Coco‘s future bedroom.



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Rochas Resort 2017

Since Alessandro dell’Acqua took the creative helm at Rochas just a couple of years ago, we’ve admired they way in which he’s injected beautiful juxtapositions into the brand. Architectural femininity, lightweight volume, casual decadence . . . it always works. For his resort collection, dell’Acqua was motivated by the seductive and mysterious femme fatales of French film noirs. The inspiration was evident in rich textures, drop shoulders and open backs. Bold and flirtatious. So good.



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Breeze Blocks

I am all kinds of obsessed with breeze blocks right now. Hollow cement blocks have been commonly used as essential building materials for the load-bearing walls of structures since the 1930s. It wasn’t until the 50s and 60s that they became more decorative and used most often as ornamental screens. They define mid century modern design. I just love that they’ve been making a comeback and can only wish I can incorporate them in my home somehow.



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